RxLoad Orange


RXLOAD® contains high molecular weight carbohydrate (HMWC) that passes through the gut intact. HMWCincreases faster both for glycogen uptake and blood volume, comparing to other carbohydrates such as invert sugar, dextrose or maltodextrin (1, 2, *).

HMWC provides an immediate boost of energy for hardcore training sessions, minimizes fatigue, replenishes glycogen, stores post-workout and causes absolutely no bloating or abdomen water retention (3, 4, *)! It pulls subcutaneous water into the blood, increasing blood volume and giving your muscles a harder, fuller look! It causes absolutely no bloating or retention!

We have added BCAA Plex™ BCAAs to make sure that you are getting enough branched-chain amino acids for decreasing exercise-induced muscle damage and promoting muscle-protein synthesis (5).

GlutaEdge™ is a new more absorbable form of glutamine. It will pump up your energy, through increasing muscle glycogen stores during extreme training regimens (6).

RXLOAD®‘s component Mega Pro-V® Vitamins complex contains antioxidant nutrients. Vitamin E, Vitamin C, beta carotene, selenium and zinc play unique roles in the reducing of immune system stress associated with strenuous physical activity, fighting oxidative stress, limiting exercise-induced fatigue, delaying onset muscle soreness and decreasing injury recovery times (*).

RXLOAD® is sugar free and easy on the stomach, unlike ordinary waxy maize products that clump up and become sticky kind like glue when mixed. RXLOAD® mixes easily and quickly with cold water and stays mixed for easy consumption throughout your workout; also it doesn’t divert water out of the working muscle and into the gut like sugar does (*)